January 31, 2020

15 Seconds of Fame: Chicago Tribune profile

Back in September, a friend and former colleague of Sara’s named Erin Gifford reached out to ask if we would be interested in sharing our sailing adventures with any media outlets. Erin is a talented freelance travel writer, so it was no surprise when a short time later she shared that the Chicago Tribune was interested in her story idea.

We really enjoyed telling Erin about some our favorite destinations and the ups and downs of the cruising lifestyle, and then we anxiously awaited the news about the pending article’s print date. Earlier this month, we got the good news that the article was going live on ChicagoTribune.com and would appear a short time later in the papers’s Sunday print edition travel section.

We’ve had so much fun sharing the article with friends and family and even heard from several Chicago-based friends and colleagues who happened upon the print article. What a special keepsake to remember our adventures!

If interested, you can read the Chicago Tribune article here: https://www.chicagotribune.com/travel/ct-trav-cruising-caribbean-on-your-own-0126-20200110-gbbamb4yhbed7leilejm3hsobm-story.html

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