October 8, 2019

Chasing waterfalls in Grenada

Grenada's white sandy beaches are an attraction for many, but its lush green mountainous interior may be the biggest draw for us. Hiking has always been a favorite activity of ours, and when you add in a spectacular crystal waterfall as the destination, we couldn't ask for a better adventure.

Grenada has an abundance of waterfalls, and we've visited four of the most popular falls during our time on the island. Lucky for us, we've had each of the falls to ourselves when we've visited.

Annandale Falls

Annandale Falls is just a short drive from downtown St. George's and easily accessible via a paved trail from the main road. Since the walk in takes only a few minutes, Annandale is popular among cruise ship passengers and those short on time.

A collection of stalls at the entrance sell cold drinks, spice necklaces and jewelry, and other local wares, which gives it more of a touristy feel.

A platform overlooks the falls, giving daring visitors easy access to jump into the refreshingly cool water. Several local men are usually gathered here and for a few dollars tip they will climb to and jump from the top of the falls.

Mount Carmel Falls

Mount Carmel Falls, in St. Andrews parish, has two falls that are reached quite easily after a moderate 30 minute hike from the entrance. The falls are on private land and the owners levy a few dollar fee at the entrance, as well as offer to guide you to the falls.

The upper falls is Grenada's tallest waterfall, with water cascading some 70 feet into the pool below.

The lower falls are a few minute hike away and water cascades slowly down large, smooth boulders, which is great fun for sliding down into the fresh water pool below.

Seven Sister Falls

After a 45-minute ride through Grenada's winding countryside, our scooter gang of cruiser friends arrived to Seven Sisters Falls, which many cite as the best and loveliest of Grenada's waterfalls.

Like Carmel Falls, Seven Sisters is on private property in St. Andrew parish and the owners levy a small charge for visiting. After paying, the owner repeatedly offered us hiking sticks, which we declined and quickly regretted after only a few minutes into the muddy and slippery hour-long hike down to the falls.

After arriving hot and dirty to the falls, we couldn't wait to get in and cool off. We had a lovely time there swimming under the falls, relaxing in the shallow water and enjoying some early afternoon cocktails with friends.

Concord and Fontainbleau Falls

Concord and Fontainbleau Falls was our absolute favorite waterfall hike. Like Annandale Falls, Concord Falls is a short and easily accessible hike from the front, where stalls also sell cold drinks, trinkets and island ware.

New friends Shanique and Reg have hiked the falls several times and recommended we start the hike from Mount Qua Qua in the Grand Etang rain forest, in the heart of Grenada, and trek down to Concord Falls, with a detour along the way to Fontainbleau Falls.

We joined four other friends for the moderately difficult hike down to the falls, which took us about three hours and included some spectacular views, steep inclines and muddy boulder crawling.

After cooling down in the falls and a leisurely lunch, we hiked the final 30 minutes down to the entrance to Concord Falls, where we rewarded ourselves with a cold beer (and Nick had a very close encounter with a Mona monkey, who was very interested in his Guinness)!

Lovely hiking trails abound in Grenada, and the waterfalls, broad views, and lush forests make it the perfect place to spend a few hours simply enjoying nature.

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