May 24, 2019

What’s next for Borealis and crew?

[Blog posts from our time in the Virgin Islands are coming very soon but, in the meantime, we wanted to share a quick update].

What's next? That's a question we get asked A LOT these days.

When we left Chesapeake Bay, Maryland and started cruising in October 2018, we told ourselves that we'd see how the first six months of full-time cruising went before making any decisions about our future, especially what we'd do for the summer hurricane season, with the goal of making it only as far as the British Virgin Islands this cruising season.

The deadline for us for making that decision was April, when we'd either:
  1. Turn around and head north towards the States and up to New England for the summer or
  2. Head further south towards Grenada at the southern tip of the Caribbean island chain.
Well it's mid-May, and we are currently in (spoiler alert 😀) Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, so that's probably a big clue about what we’ve decided! After seven months and some 3,000 nautical miles, we are absolutely loving our cruising adventure and plan to continue sailing for at least another season. So we are Grenada bound!

We plan to haul Borealis out of the water for a month (mid-June to late-July) while we head to Wisconsin to visit family and friends. After our visit, we'll fly back to the boat, tackle a few boat projects and then relaunch Borealis into the water and spend the rest of the summer and fall in Grenada and the southern Caribbean. Come Late-November and the end of the hurricane season, we'll sail north from Grenada and visit the dozen or so Caribbean islands between Grenada and the Virgin Islands that we missed on the way down the island chain.

So hopefully everyone isn't tired of reading about our adventures, because we have another season of sailing and exploring new places ahead!

As always, thanks for following along!
- Sara and Nick

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